“Rembrandt Lighting” is the way for lighting to school beautiful portraits. Can convey the emotions of the pattern and has timeless classic. That has origintaled from a ductch painter famous during “Dutch Golden Age” called “Remembrandt” whose paintings of this artist are more outstanding than other artists of the same age. Because the picture is beautiful in terms of lighting the shadow on object or people in paintings.

All of which are the source of inspiration and a way to work like a DNA. That has been cultivated amd passed on to us “Rembrandt Life Moment Creation Studio” from generation to generation. The beginning of the business came from the establishment of “Rembrandt Family Studio” which is a studio that provides photography services for children and families. We are committed to see improvements in the new way of photographing children and families in Thailand.

We focus on classic lighting which is considered unique and with a team of experts in advertising and child photography for over 20 years.