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Rembrandt is the name of a well-known Dutch artist whose his pictures were more outstanding than the other artists in the same era due to the beauty of light and shadow. Rembrandt was very detailed in lighting control when taking picture of both objects and human. His lighting style made his artworks become popular and many artists comment this is one of the most beautiful lighting style. Later this style became the standard for portrait, it's so beautiful and classic, and people usually call this beauty as "Rembrandt lighting".

Rembrandt Family Studio was founded by those of experienced photographers who worked in advertising and kid photo markets for more than 20 years. Recently these photographers gained a great impression in kid and family photos in Korea, which is very popular now, so they are working very hard to develop new photogrphic style for kid and family in Thailand.

Rembrandt Family Studio is kid and family photo studio. As reflected by the name of well-known artist, Rembrandt Family Studio is the only single one in Thailand who adopt classic lighting style in the same way as Rembrandt artist, so clients can imagine how beautiful of the pictures they would get from our taemwork.

Rembrandt Family Studio also creates new service by providing hundreds of clothes for kid from newborn until 12 years old, daddy, mommy, and all family members. Each cloth is unique in design, of course specially made for Rembrandt Family Studio only. Backgrounds are also important, and many styles are available for your selection to match your dress.

A happy corner with many toys for your kids to play, learn, and gain new creative ideas is provided too. Safety, one of the most important things we care, is reflected by studio engineering design where we use rail system, without any messy wires and tripod, so kids are safe when staying in studio.

Rembrandt Family Studio, all the best in kid and family studio, with modern design, warm feeling, and comfort, as if your second home. You will find our professional photographer and staff , highly advanced photographic equipment , plenty of clothes and backgrounds, all of these will make your lovely kid staying alive in a frameless creative pictures. Thus you can be assured that every single impressiveness of your family will be recorded into quality pictures by us, Rembrandt Family Studio.